Meet Dawn Chouman

Dawn Chouman
Senior Certified Pilates Instructor

Dawn Chouman was originally drawn to Pilates as a way to strengthen her own core for karate and running. She became so passionate about it that she decided to get certified and share her passion with others!

Dawn, now a comprehensive and classically trained Pilates teacher, loves teaching all body types and finds that Pilates has something to offer everyone! She has worked with professional athletes, people just out of wheelchairs, pregnant women, children, special needs adults and children, people with knee replacements, hip replacements, herniated discs and clients with MS, Fibromyalgia, CP and MD, just to name a few.

 As her experience with Pilates grew, so did her interest in offering more. She is also certified in CoreAlign® functional training. She met the inventor, physical therapist Jonathon Hoffman, many years ago when his machine was still a prototype. She saw the brilliance and quickly decided she had to teach CoreAlign® to her Pilates clients.

 While living in Egypt, she worked in a Stott® Pilates Studio and taught an international community in Cairo for 6 months. She loved the challenge of overcoming language barriers and transforming bodies through Pilates’ movement. While there, she fell in love with the TRX Suspension Training System® and the imbalances it can correct when used in combination with Pilates.

 Dawn is also fascinated with fascia and how it organizes the entire body.  Dawn trained with Dr. Anna Maria Vitali, Dr. Carla Stecco and Dr. Antonio Stecco in Italy to further her education on fascia and how it affects the body in movement. She now loves sharing these different techniques on how to ensure your fascia is hydrated and functional!

 Join Dawn for a Pilates session and explore how Pilates, TRX® and CoreAlign® can transform your life for the better! Watch for various workshops, group classes and even corporate wellness classes here at I Am Total Wellness Studios. She loves what she does and is willing to share it with you! Contact us if you would like to schedule an off-site workshop.


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