Jacqueline Ayoub RDN, LD

Jacqueline Ayoub
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Licensed Dietitian

Jacqué Ayoub is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, and is the founder of Mindful Fork Nutrition LLC, part of the I Am Total Wellness Studios team.

From a young age, Jacqué showed great passion & curiosity towards food. She grew up in Houston surrounded by a diverse, rich culture, & learned cooking techniques & flavors from her friends’ grandparents.

As a daughter of an immigrant who came to the states to pursue “the American dream”, Jacqué realized the toll that the typical American lifestyle took on her father’s health, and decided to shift her studies from food solely for pleasure, to food for healing. It was then she attended the University of Texas at Austin for her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and completed her Dietetic Internship in various hospitals, food service, & long term care facilities around the city. She later traveled internationally to countries like Thailand to further her studies in mindfulness and meditation.

Jacqué believes that like her father, others shouldn’t have to sacrifice their health for wealth-- they can have both. And it can be darn delicious! 

Jacqué empowers busy families & individuals to make healthy lasting lifestyle changes by utilizing functional nutrition, science-based medical nutrition therapy, mindful eating, and cognitive behavioral therapy. She has experience in a wide variety of conditions, but specializes in weight management, women's health, diabetes, adrenal, mental, and digestive health. She is also a personal chef specializing in menu planning and recipe development with regard to allergies, plant-focused diets, and multi-diagnosis dietary needs. Jacque believes that although we live busy lives, prioritizing our health is the best investment we can make. After all, the root cause for many of our issues is our diet and lifestyle!

 In her free time, she loves swimming, kayaking, hiking, crafting, & exploring cuisines of the world.


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